Monday, January 30, 2006

The hunt is on!

Malaysia plans to send two teams of scientists to scour its southern rainforests and track down bigfoot

Natives who live in the jungle have seen it for generations and their legends call it the 'snaggle-toothed ghost'

People are claiming that they saw a 10-foot tall ape standing on two legs beside a river.

Chances are these people;
  • Were drunk at the time.
  • Faked the full thing.
  • Got tricked by someone elses joke.
  • Enjoy making people believe crap they just make up for no reason at all.
I won't believe in bigfoot till one shows up at my front door asking for a banana.

If bigfoot does exist is the best thing to send out to hunt it a group of scientists?

There is a severe lack of camouflage, the bright white lab coats will stand out a mile. What is bigfoot going to think when he sees these coming,

OMFG run they have a test tube and safety goggles!!!11!1!

The mission is destined to fail for two reasons. Bigfoot doesn't exist and these scientists are not Steve Irwin.


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