Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thats it

I've had enough. I'm standing up for mayonnaise.

Today as I ventured towards uni, I espied a sandwich of such glory. Eyebrows? they were raised.
Upon closer inspection I found this sandwich to be of BLT origins. Before I even collected my savoury snack, a voice interrupted my conquest...

It's bacon, lettuce and tomato...

Concerned, I turned away from this person who was enlightening me to the contents of a sandwich from which I was already sufficiently educated upon.

Failing my education, one might observe that the sandwich contained such ingredients. But no! what is this new devilry!?

an extra ingredient may be found residing in such savoury delights...mayonnaise!
O mayonnaise, a pity for you that one should fail to grant a mention! a conspiracy I say!

lest the label or the individual-who-claims-to-know-sandwich-construction, but-fails-to-indicate-the-necessary-lubricative-ingriedient have informed me of such delicacies, one would be content. Nay. It appears that mayonnaise only grants a mention whence it is not included!

it's like 'thank the lord! the mayonnaise fiend has left this obode!'

no more. I urge you to consider our friend mr mayonnaise! go forth now and multiply!


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