Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Got tache?

These days more and more people are growing taches. One example of this is Chris from We Are Scientists.
People love the tache so much they just give him money when they see him walking down the street. Chris loves it so much he even wrote a review about it.

My mustache, were it a sandwich, would be a club. Were it a plane, it would be a MiG-28.

The best tache ever is the one that lives on the top lip of Magnum, P.I. (Tom Selleck)

The awesomeness of this tache and the fact that there is loads of money to be made from having one, it is no suprise that celebrities are starting to cash in on the idea.

Ben Stiller

Kelsey Grammer

Matt LeBlanc

Tom Hanks

Jeremy Clarkson

Keanu Reeves
Homer Simpson
The cast of Seinfeld
Paris Hilton
Danny DeVito
Pee Wee Herman
George W Bush and Tony Blair
Billie Joe Armstrong
David Hasselhoff
Micheal Jackson
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tom Cruise

Matt Damon

Napoleon Dynamite

Why not grow one of your own and see how much money you make?


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