Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who does he think he is? Jack Bauer?!?

A man who attacked six people in 24 hours for no reason has started an indefinite prison sentence. He probably wanted to be more like Jack Bauer, the most awesome person in existence.Gary Blakemore approached strangers and punched them repeatedly. He even attacked one of them with a hammer.

Someone had told him that paedophiles were in the area and if friends pointed them out to him then he would hit them.

Student Bladimir Sukkhanov was on a bus on his way to Llandrillo College and as he got up out of his seat he was punched around 20 times by the defendant.

Blakemore later attacked Darren French and Rebecca Yard who were standing outside the college.

Then he attacked Jonathon Hill, a window fitter, while he was at work on a house in Llandudno Road in the town, repeatedly hitting him with a claw hammer. He only stopped when the 65-year-old home owner came to Mr Hill's aid and chased Blakemore off with a brush.

After his arrest, Blakemore punched Pc Matthew David Jones without warning at St Asaph police station.

Source: BBC News


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