Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Whoa shit! ELEPHANT!

Herds of elephants are destroying African villages without apparent cause, some scientists are speculating elephants might be attacking humans in revenge for years of abuse.

The elephants are getting revenge on the hunters that shot them.

So an elephant is shot without (hunters) realizing the possible consequences on the remaining family members and the very real possibility of stimulating a cycle of violence.

Could this be the start of a Planet of the Elephants?

The elephants are going to evolve in to a super-race of elephants that can talk, run, jump and play chess. This might sound like great fun, going to the pub with an elephant, drinking beer and playing pool.

It's not gonna happen like that, they want revenge, the elephant will take his pool cue and skewer you like a kebab.

It won't be too long until they find weapons of mass destruction and kill whole cities at a time.

Why oh why did we have to start this war?!?

Study: Elephants Might Seek Revenge


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